Latest Projects

Pepper Flake restaurant website homepage thumbnail.

Foodie Farms

HTML, CSS & JavaScript | An agricultural collaborative that produces, sells and delivers health in the form of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Salt River Lobster seafood market website homepage thumbnail.

Salt River Lobster Seafood Market

HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Salt River Lobster has served the greater Maryland region with fresh Maine lobsters and seafood for more than 40 years.

Saving for Later Photography website homepage thumbnail.

Saving for Later Photography

HTML, CSS & JavaScript | A photography catalog spanning nearly one decade. Photo locations include Paris, Marseille, Washington, DC, Maryland and more!

PeppaJar website homepage thumbnail.


HTML, CSS & JavaScript | PeppaJar designs West African inspired clothes for kids and immerses kids in science, tech, engineering, art and math to prep them for future careers!

Phantom Plant Shop website homepage thumbnail.

Phantom Plant Shop

HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Phantom Plant Shop is your one-stop shop for all of your plant needs. Pick from a variety of plant types, light requirements, soil preferences and pots all in one spot.

Name Day API website app thumbnail.

Name Data Photo API

HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Users can submit their birthday and name information into a form and, using an API, receive the NASA photo of the day that reflects the sky on their birthday or ‘name day.’